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True story, last week my wife took off with her family to the east coast for her cousins graduation.So I planned to have some friends over for a little party that Saturday.I woke up around 315 to get a drink and I see my cousin and his girl in the couch watching porn and playing with each other. I got so horny my cousin's girl asked if I have ever been with a guy.I told her that I never had but I was open for anything being all spun out at the time. I imagine getting dominatedand pegged by Ginger & Mrs Howell while Mary Ann ass-smothers me.

Then we can both go at it all night sharing our darkest sexual fantasies while we fuck the shit out of one another and watch nasty porn movies.

She kneeled between my legs and began to suck my cock. ,for us,was like trying to scratch an itch,and just not quite being able to reach can go on so long that it reaches a point of stupid,and its just enough of our bodies begging to rest,raw and talk about sweat,sweat,sweat.but,still to this day,we have that tape.hidden very watch it every once in a while,and we get a good laugh every a couple of rabbits,lol..i said,the sex is way better now,sober. when i got it was during a week of smoking meth and bouncing on a bunch of dicks. I had clean paperwork from the previous test so they were not concerned.

My cousin got closer to me and bend over with his girl and took my cock in his mouth. I cant tell anyone that i have it, because even if they gave it to me its too easy to say i gave it to them and it could cause me problems.

When Lee returned from the kitchen with glass of my drink, he had me sit next to him on the edge of a stuffed chair. One of the men asked me if I liked black cock; there was no disguising that I was there for sex. Lee was running his hands over my legs and lifting my skirt so that they could see my thong.

I said that I loved big black cocks and asked them if they had big cocks. The talk followed that pattern for maybe a half-hour as Lee was taking more liberties with my body.

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