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Alienating Millennials leads not only to a high turnover rate, but can mean working with lesser talent.

“Millennials are in their prime right now,” said Ms. “They’re still growing their careers and coming to the table with new ideas.”Diversity in the workforce, meanwhile, is a strength, and that goes for age diversity as well.

But the perks that motivate them are unlike those that appealed to previous generations.

To stay competitive, businesses must recognize this and adapt to the evolving needs of their workforce, according to a new report authored by Susan Gottlieb, a partner for Jobplex, Inc., a DHR International company. They have no desire to be stuck at a desk with a manager constantly looking over their shoulder, and they don’t necessarily want to be working nine to five, said the report.

Family life is converging with both men and women taking on more equal parenting roles, the report said.

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Smart companies provide training programs during and after maternity/ paternity leave to keep parents informed about changes at work and what is underway so that they are up to speed when they return, the report added.Rather than defining an employee by the hours they work, it offered, Millennials are more interested in the specific contributions workers make to their company.It is not just the amount of work they get done, but how they go about doing their work, the kind of work they do, and the new and innovative ideas they offer.“Every company and industry will require slightly different amenities,” said Ms. “I believe that an increase in access to the right technology would be at the top of the list, including conferencing systems where teams of people can work virtually to develop products, concepts, frame work flow and ultimately achieve goals set by management.”Companies like Google, Facebook, Evernote, Best Buy and Bain & Company are famous for successfully recruiting and retaining Millennial talent by offering free food, competitive vacation/ PTO and maternity/ paternity leave, among other incentives, said the report.The perks that motivate them are unlike those that appealed to previous generations.A just released report by Jobplex and our ninth podcast installment with Smooch R. September 20, 2017 – By 2020, Millennials will make up 40 percent of the workforce.

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