Baboon dating site

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Baboons are one of the few ape species whose reproductive area swells during ovulation.

These data were collected at our research camp on the southern border of Amboseli National Park (37M 03 01 778E; 97 03 100N; 1160M; ACC 6.9).

Click the links at left to access our monitoring guide, hormone extraction protocols and assay for hormone metabolites, and protocols for DNA extraction and fecal genotyping.

Female baboons' big red bottoms are not just showy ploys to attract mates, according to new research completed by Leah Domb through Harvard's bio-anthropology department and recently released in last week's issue of Nature magazine--the swelling during mating time actually serves to predict a female's fertility.

Thoth, god of writing and learning/wisdom, manifested as the Baboon and had a cult centre at Hermopolis Magna.

Amenhotep III dedicated a number of colossal Baboon statues there, and this statue also has his cartouche inscribed on the base.

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