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In kid-friendly nutrition classes taught by Pritikin’s dietitians, the children are exposed to some real eye-openers, like the number of teaspoons of sugar (more than 10!) in a can of Coke, and how smooth-skinned arteries can turn “gross with cholesterol boils” after years of eating the wrong foods.The Pritikin Family Health Camp is an opportunity for both kids and their family to learn a healthy lifestyle.

Many also attend workshops on motivating their kids to make healthy choices.Kids, ages 8-17, get to cook up some of their favorite recipes, but they learn to do it the healthy way!We'll have your kids eating their vegetables in no time!In peer-reviewed studies on children in the Pritikin Family Health Camp (see citations at end of article), scientists at UCLA found that in just two weeks the children: “I learned a lot at Pritikin,” says Colin, 15, who lost 45 pounds within nine months after leaving Pritikin and watched his chronically high blood pressure fall into normal, healthy ranges. “I also learned at Pritikin that even if I’ve have a bad day of eating, I can get right back into a healthy eating pattern the next day.This Indiana teenager is a runner, basketball player, and weight lifter, “but I learned at Pritikin that what you eat matters a lot more than how much you exercise.” He fills his day with good food, like breakfasts that begin with bananas and Subway sandwiches at lunch that are packed with all kinds of fresh veggies. I no longer have an ‘all or nothing’ mindset where I was ridiculously strict, eating no more than 1,200 calories a day, then I’d crash and eat a whole pizza, then hate myself.

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