Bju interracial dating

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This one thing just really brings a lot of questions to my mind. It has been very informative and I have enjoyed reading it!Both my husband and I attended Bob Jones University and loved every minute of it.Our other 2, ages 12 and 10 both say that they will attend.

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And may I say if you find yourself offended by something the leadership says, don't stay silent.

(What brings these questions to mind is that I'm white and dating a Mexican guy, which brings absolutely no objections from either of our families, but I'm wondering what would happen if he were to attend BJU?

) I hope I don't sound too negative about BJU, I absolutely love the university, and I'm really excited about being there next fall.

I really enjoy your page since I will be a freshman at BJU next year, and my church puts quite a heavy emphasis on the university.

I just got finished reading your section on interracial dating, and I must say, somebody just needs to tell Bob Jones III, "What's the big deal?

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