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The letter advised her that all communication “must cease and desist immediately with all offices of U. Senator Tom Cotton.” Lane explained that “Healthcare was really big issue before I got the letter.

I was not a serial, daily caller-just-to-call type [of] person.” Officials with Cotton’s office counter that a member of Ozark Indivisible, which is described as an activist group part of the Resistance movement against President Trump, used vulgar ... Five businesses that modified their conduct to conform with the challenged the law. This time, it’s in response to the explosive new book by Michael Wolff titled “Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House.” Wolff was granted broad access to the West Wing and the highest ranking officials, including the President himself, for the book.

The archdiocese wanted to buy space on the Metro for some Christmas themed ads. The archdiocese filed a federal lawsuit, arguing that the Metro’s refusal to run its ads “effectively silences any viewpoint that might challenge commercialism or consumerism or attempt to emphasize the religious reason for the season.” Oddly, an official charged with determining whether a prospective ad complies with Metro guidelines seemed to confirm that the archdiocese’s ad isn’t commercial enough for approval.

The official reportedly told the archdiocese that “if the advertisement had a commercial purpose, such as selling goods or services, then the advertisement would ... Houston, TX – The First Amendment, censorship, and politics have all converged on the back of a pickup truck in the Houston area.

During the interview released by the BBC, the Prince asks Obama if it is better for government to “educate or regulate” internet speech.

Here’s his enlightened, masterful response: “I’m big on education, as I said earlier, just because the notion that we’re going to be able to corral – that we’re going to be able to contain – what’s said and what’s not on the internet seems unachievable. Attorney Rizwan Qureshi has apparently forgotten his oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

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