Dating of the book of daniel

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In any case, Daniel 8:2 doesn’t provide the sort of clue that Hays claims.

All later apocalyptic writers subsequently model themselves on the original prophet Daniel of the Babylonian exile!

And the terms are: Daniel was among the young Jewish exiles selected for training in the Babylonian civil service, quickly rose to become a high official, a recognized sage and interpreter of dreams.

He remained a high official in Babylon through to the Persian conquest, and beyond: He is still in the Persian court.

It wasn't Daniel's traducers and their wives and children whose bones the lions had for lunch that fateful morning.

Rather, according to this modern version, it is Daniel himself who has been gobbled up in the den by some modern "scholars" and "commentators." Bit by bit, piece by piece, the man Jesus designated as "Daniel the prophet" (Matthew ) has had the flesh of his prophetic writing clawed away from our precious Scriptures, until all that is left are the bones of an emaciated skeleton, now euphemistically described as a "pseudonymous author" who wrote what is euphemistically called ex eventu prophecy.

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