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Circular Barbells however are more expensive then Bead Rings but it is you and your partners well being that's important.The type of the jewellery you choose plays a big part in the healing process so make sure you always get pierced with top quality jewellery of appropriate size, make sure the ring diameter is large enough when the penis is erect!Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Though, I'm going to take a gander here, and with my limited (ok nonexistant experience) say it might be pleasurable for the woman. I'm resurrecting this thread because in a discussion last night I brought it up, and ......cares why? lol Here is the story behind it: The Prince Albert Piercing~The Prince Albert Piercing is the most popular Male genital piercing at ADRENALIN Body Piercing.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... The piercing looks good and increases erotic stimulation when the ring moves or rotates through the urethra.If the wrong size or thickness of jewellery is used it can greatly increase the chance of the ring migrating through or tearing the skin.

Prince Albert Jewellery The most popular jewellery for the new Prince Albert Piercing is the Surgical Steel Circular Barbell.Stretching the piercing to accommodate a thicker gauge ring is also advisable and safer as the thicker jewellery should not aggravate or tear your piercing during sex. Circular Barbells or Curved Barbells are a safer jewellery to wear if you intend to have sex with the jewellery in place.Thicker CBR jewellery is also safer as the ring will be much stiffer and will reduce the chance of the ring flexing and losing the bead. This type of jewellery has two balls on it, one of these balls is usually fixed and the other can be unscrewed for installation and firmly tighten to avoid the risk of the jewellery coming apart during sex.I like to stay with my family and friends and share time with them.. I've had people tell me that I am warm, friendly (although I prefer small groups of people or one-on-one - I can seem shy and aloof until I know you).

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