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People being told they should not do certain things.

A policy that does not account for practicalities, that has been determined without consultation with the personnel who have to enact it; someone being told what they cannot do without being advised .

People you share the house with may find the book and use the passwords to get into your accounts.

If that would be a problem for you, then don’t do it.

In trying to receive healthcare today, the policies of two GP surgeries acted as a blocker to me doing so.

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Bear in mind: what is the worst thing that can happen here?

Yet, the cyber security industry is incredibly siloed when it comes to these different facets.

Myself and FC have had many conversations about how frustrating it is that the industry is so fragmented when the problems are so interconnected. We’re bringing together our backgrounds in the human, technical and physical areas of cyber security to offer a more comprehensive and integrated approach to training, testing and talking about cyber security.

Too often data security and privacy approaches undermine people, when they should empower them.

In the end, I did email the surgery and ask for my NHS number, as well as offering free consultation and training.

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