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CPEC is 3,218 km lengthy route that will be completed in the first phase of this mega project, embodied by highways, railways and pipelines.

The much advertised -billion economic route goes through the stunning Gilgit-Baltistan Province in north of the country which connects Kashgar in China's Western Province Sinkiang to the rest of the world through the Chinese operated Gwadar Port in South.

A cargo train loaded with 500 tonnes of commodities left Kunming for the port city of Guangzhou from where the cargo will be loaded on ships and transported to Karachi, marking the opening of the new route.

The current form of the project was first proposed by Pakistan Peoples Party.A network of pipelines to transport liquefied natural gas and oil will also be laid as part of the project, including a .5 billion pipeline between Gwadar and Nawabshah to eventually transport gas from Iran.Electricity from these projects will primarily be generated from fossil fuels, though hydroelectric and wind-power projects are also included, as is the construction of one of the world's largest solar farms.A vast network of highways and railways are to be built under the aegis of CPEC that will span the length and breadth of Pakistan.Inefficiencies stemming from Pakistan's mostly dilapidated transportation network are estimated by the government to cause a loss of 3.55% of the country's annual GDP.

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