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Members of Sustainable Concordia agreed to prepare reports of discussions and suggestions to pass on to senior university administrators.

The roundtable format allowed each researcher to present their current work in four minutes.

Some of the dead drowned in the sea, others perished in the ship's lift shafts when the vessel capsized and sea water rushed into the space.

Some survivors were plucked to safety by helicopters after the liner overturned, while others swam to safety to the island in the dark, cold winter's night.

Economic questions, and their impact on communities, were also of interest to researchers at the School of Community and Public Affairs and Satoshi Ikeda, sociology, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Political Sociology of Global Futures.

Other researchers represented civil engineering, computation arts and design and arts therapies along with several presentations from Geography, Planning and Environment.

Some presented concrete proposals for projects, others discussed the practice of their research as it related to community development and still others reflected on the bearing their models might have for community organizing.

The general discussion also raised the possibility of conferences including community representatives and organizations.

Senese said he would study the court's ruling to see if there were grounds to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.He stressed the goal was not to institutionalize or formalize research under the theme, but instead, to use the concept as a doorway that more people will want to walk through, establishing ways both researchers and practitioners could collaborate, support and validate each others work Charles Cho, accountancy professor talked about a growing number of professors in the JMSB who are studying the social and environmental effects of organizations economic actions.His comments were echoed by Paul Shrivastava, who holds the JMSB David OBrien Distinguished Professorship in Sustainable Enterprise.About 50 faculty and students agreed the time was right to foreground research being conducted across the university on community development and social responsibility. 7, they spent half a day sharing their current research interests and ideas for potential collaboration and support structures.It seems having a number of experienced community development practitioners around the table means there is a vast pool of ideas and positive energy for moving ahead, said Bill Reimer, sociology professor.

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