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On social media, Harmony was seen by many as bizarre and creepy, with several people commenting how it perpetuates misogynistic ideas about sex and sexuality.

Having sex with a hyper-realistic robot might be appealing to some guys; however, a recent editorial by a Harvard professor might cause them to have a change of heart.

Mathematician Cathy O’Neil claims it is completely possible for these sex machines to eventually make men obsolete.

It’s a surprising viewpoint when you consider guys are generally more willing to get it on with these robots than women are; however, the Harvard expert makes a compelling argument.“Perhaps it’s time for a Big Think.

K., is leading the campaign and warned that sex robots might come in the guise of children, as well as adult women."When I first started looking into the subject I thought, 'oh sex robots, that's harmless and perhaps these robots would reduce demand for real women and children,'" she told CNBC on Tuesday.

Read More from CNBC: How Robots Will Change Our Lives"But then as I researched the subject more I found that the opposite was true—that rather than reduce the objectification of women, children and also men and transgender people, these robots would contribute and reinforce their position in society [as objects]."She added: "We have the real use of women and children in the real world [as sex objects] and this kind of paraphernalia reinforces that message."Sex dolls are nothing new, but there is rising interest in robots that can be used for sexual purposes, with electronics and robotic companies hastily trying to get them to market.

"It's customizing technology to provide a perfect partner -- she's not meant to replace a real partner but is meant as a supplement," he said.

He said the sex robot was a useful addition to society and could have therapeutic uses, such as sex therapy.

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), detachable penises going from flaccid to extra-large, wigs, personalized eyeballs, and even elf ears if you have a very specific scenario in mind.

Erik Billing, an associate senior lecturer at the School of Informatics in Sweden, has also joined the "Campaign against sex robots." He told CNBC on Tuesday that he was worried about the as-yet unknown effect sex robots could have on human relationships."Already today we have many kinds of sex toys and applications for robots which are great but we're also beginning to see the introduction of sex robots.

There are a lot of worries that we're introducing this technology on a large scale without looking at what consequences there are on human-to-human relationships," Billing told CNBC.

Robots don’t discriminate, and they can probably give good massages,” O’Neil wrote in column for “I do think women could get spoiled by dashing menbots. They might even be lost to the dating pool altogether.”She goes on to address the potential dangers of having a sex robot, like the possibility of hackers turning it into a killing machine.

But O’Neil argues the benefits might outweigh the risks, especially when you consider the current rates of domestic violence.“[T]he statistician in me can’t help asking: Would that make them more of a threat than actual men?

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