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ALSO READ Relationship rules: 10 things NOT to do if you want your relationship to stay strong Hinge is not like any other apps that will easily let you find a random match.

It is very essential with Hinge that you have mutual friends on Facebook.

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Now this is one unique dating app that lets you find your match not just based on age, number, distance or anything else but also your sexual orientation.

They do not believe in settling with somebody only for the sake of it.

They want to explore, meet new people and narrow their choices till the finally find the one, which we think is only fair.

A single tag and you can find a match based on this. Now how you take it from here totally depends on your conversation skills.

If you have found a match you have to start the conversation within a day else the match will just vanish.

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Once you register into this app, they ensure that there is a verification process done that is taken care of by the Bloomy staff. If you like somebody you can just directly send messages to the contact. (ALSO READ How to tell your crush you like him: 7 ways to let him know about your feelings! Another very unique app is the Kama that doe s not restrict its users to just Indians, it spreads out to the entire South-Asian community.

For a very long time, the whole concept off casual dating was shunned and considered culture less by most people in India.

And that was never a surprise to us because India is a society that has always given validation to only marriages and maybe long term relationships.

There is also a paid version of this app that is called the A-list. Woo is another brilliant dating app that focuses a lot on educated professionals.

There are several features on Woo like the Voice Intro, Question Cast and so on that makes it very easy for you to interact and stay glued. It is pretty similar to Tinder and you need to swipe right if you like a match.

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