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The operator shall be able to demonstrate that operations are permitted at each base, sub-base or scheduled point.

This will normally be done by providing written permission from the Local Airport Authority (LAA).

(ii) flight crew training on operation of the long range area navigation system(s) in accordance with subsection 725.124 (27) of the Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) Airspace (amended 2003/03/01) The standards for authorization to operate in Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) airspace are: (amended 2003/03/01) (i) the aircraft shall be certified in accordance with the Pacific Required Navigation Performance 10 (RNP-10) Airspace (amended 2002/12/01; no previous version) The requirements for authorization to operate in Pacific RNP-10 airspace are as follows: (i) the aircraft is equipped with at least two independent long range navigation systems capable of meeting a position accuracy of /- 10 NM or better for 95% of the flight time in RNP-10 airspace, (ii) an RNP-10 time limit is established for aircraft equipped with only Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) or Inertial Navigation Units (INU), in order to meet the Pacific RNP-10 accuracy requirements, (iii) the aircraft meets the technical requirements of the navigation element of , (iv) flight crew training is provided on the operation of the long range area navigation systems in accordance with the training requirements set out in subsection 725.124(27), and (v) flight crew training is provided on operations in Pacific RNP-10 airspace in accordance with the training requirements set out in subsection 725.124(52).

(amended 1998/09/01; no previous version) The standard requirements for authorization to fly instrument approach procedures using only GPS navigation information are: (i) an operational evaluation in accordance with subsection 725.08(3)(b) has been completed by the Minister on each aircraft type/GPS/FMS model installation for which approach authorization is sought; (ii) an air operator has an approved flight crew training and qualifications program for use of the GPS/FMS system that meets the requirements of subsection 725.124; and (iii) standard operating procedures have been amended to reflect GPS approach operations and approved by the Minister (where required).

The following items will be assessed in the operational evaluation prior to the approval of the operator's GPS approach standard operating procedures (where applicable) and training program.

Identical installations of the same model of GPS in the same type of aircraft with the same operator do not need separate evaluations.

Flight Attendant Manager (i) Qualifications A Flight Attendant Manager shall: (A) know such of the contents of the air operator's operations manual, air operator certificate and operations specifications as are necessary for the performance of the assigned duties; (B) know such of the provisions of the and Standards, as are necessary for the performance of the assigned duties; and (C) demonstrate to the Minister that the person has the ability to fulfil the responsibilities of the position.

(ii) Responsibilities The Flight Attendant Manager is responsible for the professional standards of the cabin crews under his/her authority and in particular: (A) assuring a current and approved is in place; (B) assuring a current and approved flight attendant training program; (C) the issuance of directives and notices to the flight attendants as required; (D) the actioning and distribution of accident, incident, and other occurrence reports; (E) the processing and actioning of any cabin crew reports; (F) the supervision of flight attendants; (G) assuming any responsibilities delegated by the Operations Manager; (H) training of flight attendants in accordance with the approved training program; (I) the maintenance of flight attendant training records; (J) liaison with other company departments; (K) the development of safety features cards; and (L) in his or her absence, all responsibilities for duties shall be delegated to another qualified individual, except that the knowledge requirements detailed under flight attendant manager qualifications may be demonstrated to the air operator rather than the Minister.

The company shall have a procedure in place for pilots to report database errors and for information on database errors to be passed on to other company pilots, the avionics manufacturer and the Minister.(v) Annunciation Responses to system annunciation (including Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) warnings), the means of selecting GPS track information to the CDI/HSI and the means of coupling GPS steering information to the aircraft automatic flight control system shall be compatible with the safe operation of the aircraft type/category.Standard operating procedures shall specify the procedure whereby the control unit is programmed, approach waypoints are verified against an independent source, approach mode is armed, and cockpit NAV source and AFC guidance source switches are selected and verified.An airborne evaluation in an aircraft must take place under VFR.Emphasis will be on crew co-ordination, pilot workload (PF and PNF), and switch selections.

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