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I'm a Mugler addict and with angel is my second bottle I just bought the angel bracelet collection and I must say the bracelet is a beautiful jewelry piece so happy to have it and people who don't like angel fuck them haha you must have attitude and character to wear this.not for little childrens i bought this perfume according to the reviews here . I don't know why exactly, maybe it was all this fame and controversy surrounding it and I didn't know what to expect. But I couldn't resist my curiosity any longer and as a result of a wonderful swap experience, now I have this..."gem".everyone said this was extremely long lasting with heavy sillage but i couldnt smell it the moment i would spray it. i was expecting to get a lot of questions since i thought everyone would notice it. maybe i will purchase again to give it a second chance. I can completely understand why anyone would hate this but at the same time can't understand how anyone can hate this! It's definitely a nightmare for someone that doesn't enjoy patchouli.but i still can't seem to find any click with this. Maybe I should try harder, Or probably this simply not for me :( so sad coz gosh i love the bottle When I first tried it I disliked it. Then I tried it again as I'm a fan of all Thierry Mugler's perfumes, something clicked and I liked it. In fact, I was going to replace the bottle of Addict that I swapped away but realized this morning, after I applied Angel that I really don't need both of them (they are *that* iconic fragrance was an instantaneous, strong and immediate "LOVE" that I'm grateful to have in my collection.Overall, Angel, the beautiful shining star, you have conquered my heart. The actual formula is: Top Notes: Bergamot, Strawberry, Dewberry, Helonial, Honey, Jasmine, Orchid, Rose Heart Notes: Chocolate, Caramel, Coumarin Base notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk In other words, what the hell is that above?!I got a free dab mini of Angel from Ulta and accidentally spilled a little in my car as I tried to open it (I didn’t expect it to be a dabbing bottle). here come the compliments..blush away My mother treasured Angel. Mugler himself says on his website: bergamot, tropical fruits, vanilla, caramel and patchouli. I bought my first star on 1998,it was amazing it was choco praline extra strong fragrance,unique and so much bold...Fragrance: 10/10 Performance: 10/10 (both for sillage AND longevity) Value: Good; she's very much worth her asking price or more.

Both are elegant, unique, complicated, iconic: but different in critical ways, enough to make them 'cousins' or, if siblings, absolutely NOT 'twins'.

Anyway, I really didn’t like it because, although I didn’t spill a lot, I think it was still much more than 1-2 dabs worth. Every time I drove, I’d get such a huge headache and so would my husband. Then I found this site and it seems i more than likely have a reformulated version. First sight your eyes will dazzle an amazing perfume bottle design UNIQUE! At the time of its release it was Like the 'Beatles mania effect' of the fragrance world! Head spinning, vexation , confusion, expectation , delight... just give it time to enter its various dimensions.... So after 5 minutes or so this fragrance is dancing and twirling on your pulse points and radiantly showing off it's brilliance... Whether they are familiar with the scent or admiring it YOU are DEFINETLEY TURNING HEADS. She stored it away in her beauty closet and it would appear when she dressed for an important political event perhaps in Brussels or an awards evening, a black tie event or mingling with the showbiz crowd. @First2tastetheworld you don't need to take a 30 minute bath if you spray some perfume on yourself that you don't like. Inwore it for more than 10 years then, during my pregnancy I could not stand it, too heavy....

Bummer, but someone here mentioned to put it in an atomizer because it’s way better spritzed so I think I’ll try that. For me, I wear Angel to elevate my mood, to feel sexy and to turn heads, when I'm feeling introvertedly Invisible. Just apply some unscented deodorant on the area, chill for 5-10 minutes and then scrub it off. I bought it again 2 years ago and it was a bad surprise for me: completely different, where did choco praline and melon and peaches gone...

You'll encounter a lot of fragrances like that so wording your reviews in a way so that you're not insulting the other half is always appreciated. Huge deep patchouli then the vanilla and chocolate came to play. I'm not a fan of alien but angel smells pretty good on me and it's not as harsh and in your faces alien I find.that's just on me , it reminds me of my grandma as she used to wear it alot in the 90s. Now it’s time to dust myself off, dry my tears and get myself back together again.

Ah, yes, so much tact, maturity and eloquence showcased in the review below. On my last few days I got a sweet deep gourmand scent. My mum hates super sweet scent and interesting loves this. I want to try angel muse see if I prefer it to the original My dad just died. We’d often go years without even speaking on the telephone. Nothing gets me to my badass self quite like the original Angel can. A genuine powerhouse, the praline, vanilla, and patchouli read most prominent from me with the other notes well-blended but making fleeting cameos throughout the duration.

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