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It happens every year, always right around the same time, when the summer fades to fall and Chicago weather gets as unpredictable as Issa's next blunder on "Insecure." I'll be busy checking the Bears' depth chart and planning early-morning tailgates at Soldier Field when I remember the other football season and descend into a funk.While friends and colleagues count down the days until college football begins, I scramble to cover for my complete and utter apathy.My indifference was all well and good for a while; in fact, I kind of liked having my Saturdays free.

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My parents, both graduates of small liberal arts schools, didn't raise me with a Notre Dame pacifier in my mouth or dress me in a Clemson onesie on Saturday afternoons.

I left a few things back at the house, shoved what I needed into my coat and finally made my way into the stadium.

I'd snagged a solo ticket on Stub Hub the night before, right by the 50-yard line and up about 30 rows.

It was the perfect view, a great spot for my first time at the Big House.

I chatted it up with my seat neighbors and watched the Wolverines stick with the Buckeyes for most of the game, until a terribly ill-timed interception from John O'Korn sealed it for OSU.

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