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And if you think that encouraging boys to use the girls’ bathroom isn’t going to lead to fights at best or deaths at worst, well, you’ve obviously received a massive head injury that prevents you from recalling what middle school boys are like.Hearing “That freak saw my bewbs” is all it’s going to take to motivate some young lunkhead to defend his girlfriend’s honor.

I asked her: “Sometimes people on the other side won’t address the main question a lot of conservatives have, which is—yes or no—if entrance to a women’s bathroom is based upon something incorporeal, then that means any man can enter a women’s restroom if he wants. ” Her response: “My answer is yes.” She added, “I think personally we should have unisex bathrooms cause I never understood why they split it up by gender.” So please, everyone, let’s at least be on the same page regarding what’s being debated: This is about biological men being able to enter facilities traditionally reserved for women. And speaking of calling things what they are, the Justice Department’s “non-binding guidelines” instructing schools to allow biological males to use female facilities should be called the Larry King Memorial Decree. King was a boy who dressed in women’s clothing and heels, wore makeup, and was sexually attracted to boys. Epstein, a lesbian, made it her personal crusade to not only shield King from discipline—even after he physically assaulted another student—but asked Epstein to help “contain” her son’s “inclination to act out for attention,” she refused.

I take it the answer to that would likely be “yes” under the Administration’s view, precisely because they believe that self-identification is what’s important.

To be sure, this raises the question of people calling themselves female just to get particular benefits.

Perhaps most infuriating of all is the fact that the Obama administration has not even feigned interest in how young women feel about sharing bathroom and changing facilities with boys.

After years of rhetoric about how the opinions of young women “matter,” how girls should be called on when they raise their hands in school, how it’s “sexist” to exclude them from decisions that affect them, Obama has made it clear that he doesn’t give a damn about women’s opinions. “Shut up and do what I tell you.” Can anything stop the “boys in the girls’ room” insanity? Perhaps all those Bill Nye types who insist that government policies must be scientifically correct (at least when it comes to global warming) will man…um…I mean, up and defend the basic scientific truth that belief alone does not dictate a person’s sex.

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